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Mabuhay!  It is a warm welcome from truly sincere, vivacious, and hospitable people of the Philippines also known as the Filipinos. This greeting also means to Life, derived from it's root word "Buhay" which means life.

It is not a surprise then, that our Filipino culture is so full of life and even in the Capital of Texas  we bring in community, fun & camaraderie. Maybe, just maybe we are a bunch of social butterflies... but who can blame us? No, not our basic social unit called Family (extending to our  Titos and Titas), which plays a big part and maintains our Filipino values, nor  our generally outgoing nature which helps us make friends even with a complete stranger!

We are so excited that you are here, at this very moment, called to join us and share the joy and togetherness that is the Austin Filipino-American Association... click here if you would love to be a member! 

We have exciting plans for 2016, so stay tuned for more fun, learning opportunities and unforgettable moments!