In the Philippines we say Mabuhay. It is a warm welcome from a truly sincere and hospitable people. Filipinos are a sociable group with strong family ties. So join us and share the joy and togetherness that is the Austin Filipino-American Association...

We have exciting plans for 2015, so stay tuned for more fun events, learning and networking opportunities!

Austin Filipino-American Association

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We had a fantastic turnout for the Easter Egg Hunt gathering at Springwoods Park.  Thank you all for coming and stay tuned for more events from AFAA!

For a full list of upcoming events visit our Events page.


We are now taking orders for

"Keep Austin Pinoy" t-shirts

​We hope that everybody enjoyed the program, entertainment and of course the food. 😊 From the AFAA Family our sincere gratitude to all of you who came and celebrated with us most especially to those who volunteered. We also welcome all the new members who signed up yesterday. Mabuhay po tayong lahat and thank y'all for your continued support!